Patarei prison in Tallinn Estonia

In 1828 Nicholas I of Russia mandated the building of the sea fortress of Patarei. Completed in 1840, it is located on area of 4 hectares (10 acres). Over the years it has had different functions, in 1867 functioning as barracks, in 1920 as a prison until 2004 when the last prisoner were relocated to another newer prison. Last person executed in Patarei was in 1991, the killing room was painted red/brown so blood splashes would not be visible.


0 thoughts on “Patarei prison in Tallinn Estonia

  1. Johan, our apartment is a 10 minute walk from Patarei prison in Kalamaja, but I’ve never actually been inside before. After seeing your fascinating and dark photos, I’m definitely going to go for a visit with a camera! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, I also have some photos of outside the prison from before they tore down the old wall, if you’re interested. There used to be some interesting art projects there, I’m not sure if they are now – like a catapult made out of a bed frame with some legs between the barbed wire of the wall, as though someone had escaped that way. If you’d like to see them let me know and I can share.

    1. Thnx Rob! It would be great if you could share the pics! I have read about the art projects there but never seen it live or the pics.


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